Monday, September 7, 2009

The One About Maxi Pads

So, this is a weird one. Well, I guess it's not weird, exactly, in the way that reviewing an alien life form would be weird, or reviewing something totally unrelated to my life, like guitar picks, would be weird. Because I don't need, want, or ever have occasion to use guitar picks, so if someone sent me a bunch of guitar picks and I had to use them to review them, I would probably use them to scrape the goop from around my faucets, or maybe I'd use them to pick my teeth, or perhaps I'd make a lovely mosaic with them. You know, if I was crafty. Which I am not. So guitar picks would be a weird thing to send me.

Always Infinity pads
are not weird things to send me, although it feels weird to be writing about them online, which is what I meant when I said "This is a weird one." Essentially, telling you that I reviewed them is saying "Hey, world! I had my PERIOD! And it I used this PAD! And it worked!" I mean, ick. You don't want to know any more than that, right? RIGHT? If you do, that is just gross. I suppose I could tell you that I got some of that blue liquid to pour into them and see if any moisture comes out, like they do in the commercials, but that would be too science-experimenty for me, and everyone knows I barely have enough time to sneeze these days, so I'm not going to be staging any product use demonstrations.

I will say that ever since I started choosing and buying my own pads I have been buying the Always brand, until Target came out with a generic that is the same exact thing but cheaper, so I've been buying those.

This pack of Always Infinity pads is different than I remember the Always dri-weave pad. It's more papery, less plasticky, and there are little hole-like depressions in it ("microdots"), and there are contours ("channels") that are supposed to prevent leakage. So far, I say, so good.

Lucky you that you made it to the end of this review, because Always is offering a giveaway to my readers. Leave a comment here (and make sure I have your email address) by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, September 13. I will choose a winner using and the winner will receive a year's supply of Always Infinity (24 boxes of 18 count regular flow). Not a bad deal, right?