Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Free Crap Giveaway

You guys, seriously. With all the free stuff I have collected over the last few months, my organized desk is in critical disarray, and now is the moment when I surrender.


I'm holding a huge giveaway, cluttercast or Freecycle style, in which I list the stuff that I have extra version of, and whoever claims dibs gets it. That means if you are from far away I will be paying the postage myself, so what's in it for me?

Well, all I ask is that you

A) Comment and tell me which free thing you want and leave a clear way to contact you , and that means an email address. If you are squeamish about leaving that here, email ME at ktphop@ along with your comment.

B) Link to me somewhere, like on Twitter or Facebook or Stumble or something. Hits are like money.

C) Come back once in a while. Read me at Uptake or Roost or LA Moms Blog. Or follow me on Twitter. Every once in a while I write stuff that pleases the masses, so it must be slightly good.

D) Choose only one item per comment, please. If there are multiple people who want something, I'll use my best judgement, and possibly favoritism. Hey, I'm spending my own money on this, so I get to do it how I want.

Here is the Great List of Free Stuff up for grabs:

1. A Got Milk? snazzy pack of two drinking glasses, an ice cream scooper, a magnet and a booklet of milkshake recipes.

2. Courtesy of Johnson and Johnson, a box of Splenda packets, 100 count

3. Also courtesy of the big J&J, a stick of Band-Aid Friction Block, which reduces blisters when you wear new shoes.

4. A YourZone 4X6 picture frame, purple, with a marker. This is a dry-erase picture frame perfect for a tween.

5. Two packs of o.b. tampons, each with a reusable carrying case that makes it look like retro-cool dental floss.

6. Wet brand couple's lubricant gift pack. Yes, it's as naughty as it sounds.

7. A 100% silk scarf, maroon and pink, with a barely perceptible product logo on it (Roseangel Hibiscus Tequila, I'll throw in the yummy drink recipe booklet too).

8. For Pasadena residents, a Gift Certificate for one scoop of...something, at POP Champagne and Dessert bar.

9. A set of cruelty-free hair products from David Babaii for Wildaid - Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier and Hair Polish.

10. For Los Angeles foodies, Hungry?Deck Los Angeles - a pack of 52 coupons for LA eateries.

11. A coupon for free admission for 2 to The Comedy Store on Sunset in Hollywood (2 drink minimum).

12. Coupons for free drinks at Border Grill Santa Monica and Ciudad

13. A discount coupon for Layers Cupcakes.

14. A free pass to The Viper Room.

15. A blue kitchen apron, full size, with the Zojirushi logo on it. (Incidentally, they also gave me a kick ass bento box, chopsticks, a kitchen timer, a takamura sushi maker, and a really nice cooking lesson, during which I actually made a California roll, and it was GOOD. But I'm keeping that stuff.)

16. Handstand Kids' Mexican Cookbook, which includes an oven mitt and is packaged to look like a sealed pack of tortillas.

17. A gorgeous diary illustrated with beautiful photos of Hawaii, a gift from Outrigger Hotels and Resorts. I'm grateful for the gift, but I'm a blogger. I don't use pens.

18. The Hawaii Farmers Market Cookbook, a guide to the fresh flavors of Hawaii.

19. A Scavenger Hunt gift pack with gift cards.

20. A ballet DVD: Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake featuring actual people, not just CGI characters.

21. A super snazzy ethernet extension cable with the BlogHer logo on it. It's retractable!

22. A lovely spring green polo shirt, women's size L, short sleeved, with Advanced Brands embroidered on the left sleeve.

23. A small pedometer with the Walmart logo on it.

24. Oh my God I just found my business card collection from BlogHer '09. That's not a giveaway. I'm just sayin'.

25. A mousepad which is also a NOTEPAD and a listmaker with days of the week on it. Liberty Mutual logo.

26. A pack with post-its, a magnetic picture frame, and a plastic billfold for pictures of your kids, old-school style.

27. Five (5) USB storage devices with brand promo information. Reusable? You can have them. My dad freaked me out about corrupt files or viruses, but if you think you can wipe them and debug them, they're yours.

28. Another thing I'm keeping is the hideous sweater from Lands End that is a part of their FeelGood charity drive for Warming Families. For every sweater like this that they sell, they're donating yarn to make hats to warm the homeless and displaced. Because I support this movement, I will wear the sweater someday, and even take a photo and post it. Sorry, Lands End - the sweater is cozy and warm and feels good just like you said, but it's yellow and black with horizontal stripes. I put it on and my son said exactly what could be expected: that I look like a bumblebee in it.

29. I am also keeping the print of the pictures of me and Ilina, Kim, and Darryle, because I heart them, and who else would want that anyway?

30. A highly coveted Queen of Spain #suckit bumper sticker. You can get one from her, she has lots, but I have more than one, so claim it here if you want it.

I also have several thousand tote bags. I might throw one in, just so you know how it feels.

Am I breaking any rules here? I don't think so, I mean, "free crap" is right there in the post title. It was all FREE. And this is the tip of the iceberg. I didn't mention ALL the free stuff that I actually use and appreciate. I like the All Laundry Detergent samples, the Lands End computer backpack (best swag EVER), the Bounce fabric softener dryer bar, my New Balance running shoes, the Springpad mini notebooks, all the other stickers I got from clever bloggers including Liz Rizzo, my Bing t-shirt, the bamboo bathrobe the The SmartMama snagged for me, my Nintendo DSi which I haven't yet actually played (is that bad?), my Chris Mann CD which is really good, and ohmygodsomanymoreIcan'tevenfinish. I have written about lots of the free products here and on other blogs where I contribute content. I have tweeted about it, Whrrled about it, and talked about it on Facebook and with my actually voice to people in real life. I've done my job promoting your products, or badmouthing them if they suck. This post alone has taken me an hour. Free isn't exactly free, although my checking account appreciates the break.

So anyway, I really mean it when I say I'm giving the above list away at my own expense. Consider it an experiment.

Pass it on! Here's the link to tweet, retweet, share on Facebook, etc.

I'll keep this open as long as I see necessary. I will try to not take another 6 months to mail the stuff out if you want it but I'm not going to run right out right now.